The turtleneck sweater has really made it back this F/W, and as some of you who have followed this blog may have noticed I love it! It’s very versatile, it goes perfectly with a well tailored jacket for a sophisticated yet dressed down look. However, there are a few pointers to those of you who are considering buying one. Stay away from the thin cotton/merino wool rollnecks, they often make you look like a bouncer at some nightclub. 

Instead, try a thick wool or cashmere one, the chunky texture makes the rollneck look great!

Featured are three great alternatives to serve as inspiration, luckily the turtlenecks have gotten quite easy to find since they are trendy right now.

Zanone Cable Knit Rollneck, 480€.

Our Legacy Turtle Neck Camel, 160€.

Fedeli Turtleneck Grey, 699€(!!!).

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