Swedish menswear brand Oscar Jacobson produce medium range clothing, the style itself can be described as a blend of Italian style and English style, or as they call it themselves “scandinavian style”.The quality is pretty decent considering that the prices are around e.g. 400-500€ for a suit and there’s a wide range of silhouettes available.

Many jackets are unconstructed which I personally like, and most other jackets feature half canvas. Their most prestigous line “Loro Piana” features high quality fabrics from Loro Piana and a full canvas construction. My favorite is their line “Sartorial Leisure”, the line features lots of unconstructed jackets and casual trousers. The campaign itself is shot in the Loro Piana factory in Northern Italy, pretty decent shots really.

Oscar Jacobson is pretty much only available in Scandinavia, so if you come here you should check this brand out. It’s nothing that stands out, but really nice if you’re looking for basics, like Italian Boggi that was featured a while ago.

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