Looking for a pair of well sewn trousers that aren’t too expensive? Korean brand Finealta might be the answer to your prayers. The newly launched brand has just been around for about a year, however they have managed to create quite a unique product. All trousers are proudly designed and manufactured in Seoul. The fit is modern(slim), this might not be for everyone, however I believe that I’m not the only one tired of having to taper all trousers that I buy. 

The trousers can easily be compared to well known brands such as Pantaloni Torino or Incotex, for example you’ll find the “split vent” for enhanced mobility and many other high-end details. I ordered a pair of Finealta trousers myself a few weeks ago(I will get back to this later) and the fabric feels very smooth and luxurious, and the fit is impeccable. Obviously they will also feature some new interesting fabrics for their A/W 2012 collection, so keep your eyes open. 

I have to say that buying from Finealta has been a real pleasure, the customer service was professional and the shipment was fast as hell. So if you’re looking for your go-to trousers for this summer, I would highly recommend Finealta! Also, make sure to follow their newly launched Tumblr

To order a pair of trousers, simply send an E-mail to: askfinealta@gmail.com (For those of you living in the EU you don’t have to worry about taxes/customs, Korea and the European Union have a free trade agreement).

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