I had the privilege to do a Q/A with Caron Gabriel of the newly started luxury clothier Marshall Anthony. The company offers great handmade accessories for those of you looking for contemporary pieces that are casual and laid back. Read and enjoy, and don’t forget to check out their website, there are some true gems that are perfect for the warmer seasons ahead.

SD: Could you tell us where the idea was born to create handmade accessories made in the USA?

CG: Marshall Anthony is a luxury clothier owned and operated by Caron Gabriel and Darhel Anthony. Established in 2009 by neckwear artisan Darhel Anthony, the company spawned in need of a larger selection of bow-ties in the neckwear market. After offering handcrafted bow-ties at its inception, Anthony traveled to Europe sourcing fabrics and textiles from France and Italy as our offering expanded to be inclusive of neckties. In 2011, Gabriel and Anthony partnered to establish an American brand that would define the modern gentleman. 

SD: Your price point is significally lower than many high-end brands such as E. Marinella and Drake’s of London, can you really compete with giants like them? Why should I choose Marshall Anthony?

CG: We will not speculate as to what drives the pricing of other high-end brands, but at Marshall Anthony we believe our pricing is fair. We set the price of our garments based on the total cost of producing them and fair market value. 

Our lower price points, in comparison to such brands, do not represent any decline in quality of the textiles nor the construction. In fact, some very reputable tie makers, cut corners where we do not. I have seen machine rolled edges on ties retailing for double the price of our ties that have hand-rolled and handsewn edges. 

Marshall Anthony neckwear is made using superb quality textiles emerging from European mills, from the shell to the interlining. Our ties are constructed by hand, individually, and made in New York. A gentleman should purchase a Marshall Anthony garment because he is fond of it, and takes comfort in knowing its value far outweighs its price. 

SD: What is your take on how a tie should be constructed? I have personally seen many people who claim that 6/7-folded ties are somewhat better than ties with a classic construction. 

CG: A tie should be designed and constructed with purpose, taking into account the context in which it will be worn. It is a misinterpretation that 6/7 fold ties are better than ties with classical construction; the additional folds do not improve the quality of the tie. It is purely a matter of luxury. We will be introducing some new multi-fold neckwear into the collection very soon.

SD: What are the advantages of making accessories by hand compared to making them with a sewing machine? 

CG: Handcrafted ties are a thing of beauty. Our ties are individually made and therefore, no two are the exact same; giving each tie its own individuality. We utilize all natural high quality materials that when combined with great craftsmanship, produce superior products. Mass produced neck ties are made using a liba machine that folds and stitches the hem on the ties. This stitching is tight and easily broken; inferior to the hand sewn slip stitch on the hem of our ties. Our stitch provides “bounce” so that the tie can be stretched and return to its original state many times over; extending the life of the garment. The crafting methods we use on tipping, labeling, and bar tacking cannot be done by machine. Marshall Anthony neckties are completely handmade, providing their owner with a high quality, aesthetically superior garment. 

SD: Your spring/summer collection looks really amazing, what ties do you recommend for people like myself who are building a wardrobe that is classic, yet casual?

CG: Interesting you inquired about this, as the majority of our current collection is centered around the idea of “distinguished casual”. It is our belief that a gentleman should always be dressed as such, but not all occasions require worsted wool and printed silk. All of our raw silk ties can be dressed up or down, the most classic colors we currently offer are indigo, evergreen, and royal navy; with natural and taupe being great colors for the summer months. 

SD: Lastly, what future plans do you have for Marshall Anthony?

CG: We will be expanding our neckwear collection to include some year round staples, as well as a larger range of seasonal ties. In addition, we will be adding new product lines that will continue to develop the dream that is Marshall Anthony. Marshall Anthony is in the process of becoming a complete menswear brand. Our brand will include shirting, suits, outerwear, shoes, and accessories. 

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