didiofalco said: Hi, I'm a spanish guy who loves the italian style. The problem is that my size is IT 44/XS for jackets, blazers, coats (37 for shirts, I supose) and it's impossible to find this size in Barcelona, where I live. All shops that sells brands like Boglioli, Aspesi, Lubiam, Finamore, etc. have just the size 46 or 48 and up. I can order my size but it increases too much the cost of the purchase. I bought a pair of blazers from Aspesi and Boglioli in 44 IT from Yoox but is really hard to find stuff in

I get your problem, I have the same issue since I’m a size 46, usually small sizes sell out quickly. There’s no easy solution, however you could check Japanese sites like Rakuten, they have lots of small sizes(EU42-46). Most stores offer to send the parcel as a gift so you can avoid taxes and fees, perhaps that’s something that you can investigate? Other than that I really don’t know.

Good luck. 

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