Anonymous said: Hey, I was just wondering your opinion on shirts being untucked? I tend to both tuck and untuck on differing occasions. Generally I will tuck with smarter shoes, and with jeans (when dark). However with sneakers or lighter jeans I tend to go untucked. I'm always in a bit of a dilemma when wearing a blazer and jeans, as I think tucked shirts always look better with a blazer.


I’d say that you should always tuck your shirt when wearing something on top of the shirt(e.g. cardigan, blazer, pullover). I think that wearing a shirt untucked can look effortless and cool, I do this every now and then when it’s hot and sunny outside.

Also, of course, it depends on the shirt. A lumberjack shirt probably looks best untucked while a more formal shirt looks best when tucked in. However, go with your gut, just never wear the shirt untucked with a sportcoat!

Good luck, mate. 

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