Some time ago I decided to order my first bespoke tie, after hearing great things about the small-time company Passaggio Cravatte and their expertise in the area I decided to go with them. 

I was looking for something casual, since I’m a young guy I don’t want anything that is too dressy. Gianni, who is in charge of the process sent me pictures of hundreds of different fabrics to choose from, ranging from vintage cashmere to repp ties. After some consideration I decided to go with something simple, a navy grenadine tie. At first I wanted to go with the chunkier ‘Garza Grossa’, however Gianni advised me not to since the 7-fold construction would make the knot very large, so instead I went for the regular ‘Garza Piccola’ that you can see above(#100). 

In addition to that I chose to have the tie untipped, in my opinion that adds some casualness to the tie, also the craftsmanship behind it is very nice. Ordering a bespoke tie is simpler than you might imagine, with the help of someone who knows the craft you cannot fail and of course, you get exactly what you’re looking for. Also, you have the opportunity to get a tie that is truly unique, some of the fabrics even dates back to the ‘40ies. 

To be continued..

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