Anonymous said: Ho, I think you executve all the money you spend expertly and always turn out very nicely. Even though I can't fathom why you'd go so over the top without holding down a proper job. Small note: don't be too eager, don't copy everything you see, it clearly doesn't fit you - tie your tie properly, buckle your shoes and remember that you're not an Italian, no matter how much money you spend. Cheers and Happy Christmas!

I’m not Italian? I was just making some really nice Tagliatelle right about now, now I’m crying and thinking about scrambling an egg or somthing. 

You have ruined my life with your comment, anon, I’m no one, I’m as useless as a fart in outer space.

I’m under attack by anons, anyone who got an some kind of supershield that will reflect anons away? 

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  1. pyro-qualia said: Just be! That’s enough to let anon. f_ck off. ;)
  2. steezandcrackers said: don’t dress like an Italian if you aren’t one? Don’t wear jeans if you aren’t a farmer? Don’t wear a leather jacket if you don’t ride a motorcycle? Don’t wear a necktie if you aren’t French royalty? Please. Globalization, b*tches.
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