Anonymous said: Hey man, thank you for an excellent blog and source of inspiration. I'm thinking about ordering a Boglioli jacket from Yoox. What's your experience regarding their sizing? I'm usually 48 but from what I've read sizing up might be a good idea when it comes to Boglioli? I think my measurements are pretty much the same as yours and I wear my clothes as tight/slim as you do. Regards Alex

First of all, thank you for your kind words, appreciated!

It’s a tricky question, I’m pretty much always a size 46 and I wouldn’t say that Boglioli is that much smaller than other stuff that I’ve tried. On the other hand, it all depends on what brands you compare Boglioli sizing with. Also, there are many different fits within Boglioli with their ‘coat’ line being their slimmest while K-jacket, Dover and Hampton aren’t as slim. 

Shopping via the internet is always tricky, my best recommendation is to make sure that the website that you purchase from accepts returns/exchanges. In addition to that all Boglioli jackets are different due to the fact that they are often washed, some jackets are roomier while some are on the slimmer side. 

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