Anonymous said: On my dress and polo shirts I noticed I developed stains from my deodorant in the armpits. Do you know of any deodorants or tips to avoid this?

Hi man!

I know the issue and I think there are no great solutions to the problem. I’ve tried those deodorants that are supposed to leave no stains, they haven’t worked for me at least. If you wear something under your polo/dress shirts that might help, it will absorb most fluids.

Also I found this at Permanent Style by Simon Crompton:

Put some extra detergent on the armpits, collar and double cuffs of a white shirt before you wash it. At least do the armpits on every other colour. Sweat stains are a poor excuse to rid of a shirt.

Might be worth a shot? Hope this helps, cheers!

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  1. thefashionregime said: Anonymous, you need to use “The Laundress” products on your shirts. I use their products and they really work. Get the: 1. Collar and cuffs stain bar. A J.Crew collab 2. Stain Solution. 3. Alternative Bleach Solution. 4. Shirt wash. A J.Crew collab
  2. rakehound said: Try white vinegar. Chemically, it reacts with the sweat and removes it from the fibres. it works on “brown” sweat stained collars as well. Extra detergent kills the fibres and ruins your shirt eventually - The Rake
  3. jhilla said: It’s from the aluminum as the previous guy suggested. Malin and Goetz sells deodorant without aluminum and its great. Also try putting on less. Most people overapply
  4. chukkasonthehudson said: There was an article on valetmag.com on this. Apparently the yellowing is from aluminum in anti-perspirant. Try deodorant only. Or wear a v-neck undershirt with your polos
  5. iamnotentertained said: Or just don’t wear deodorant. That stuff is nasty
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